So what does the world’s most expensive cupcake actually taste like?

The now world-famous “Golden Phoenix” cupcake from the Bloomsbury Boutique Cafe in The Dubai Mall is currently making its rounds in the international press for its whopping USD1,000 price tag. Concocted using “the world’s finest” ingredients and covered almost entirely in edible gold, many are wondering what the world’s most expensive cupcake actually tastes like.

Disclosure: We haven’t eaten it and frankly don’t plan on it. But we’ve researched all of the ingredients to get an idea of what it tastes like.

The Golden Phoenix is essentially a glorified chocolate cupcake. It’s comprised of the following five key ingredients:

•  Doves organic flour from the United Kingdom

•  Rachel’s organic butter from the United Kingdom

•  Premium Amedei Porcelena cocoa from Italy

•  Ugandan high quality vanilla beans

•  Edible 23 carat gold sheet

The chocolate, sourced from Tuscan producer Amedei has been consistently voted best chocolate bar in the world. The cocoa beans, sourced from Venezuela, are said to be almost white, thus their porcelain nickname. A bar of this chocolate, which consists of 70% cocoa solids, cane sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla sells for about USD18. Chocolate connoisseurs have said it smells of “floral and fruit, the latter of which is strawberry and perhaps some olive.” It tastes of “sweetness, almond, and malt. The nutty almond flavor seems roasted, with additional hints of vanilla and a suggestion of fruit as well.”

Ugandan vanilla beans are world renowned for their very high levels of vanillin. Using the bean instead of Vanilla extract makes all the difference according to the food world, but unsurprisingly buying the bean instead of the bottle will cost significantly more.

And the gold? It tastes like nothing, according to everyone. In fact, gold is tasteless, calorie-free and essentially pointless except for its aesthetic appeal. We’ve been told that eating edible gold won’t surprise you once it passes through your digestive tract. “You’d have to eat a box. Boxes and boxes for it to show,” so says a specialist.

Unless Bloomsbury has absolutely mastered the art of baking, we can’t imagine the Golden Phoenix tasting radically different from a well done chocolate cupcake. And if anyone is wondering where they can get the next best thing, Magnolia Cupcakes (located in the Bloomingdales) in the Dubai Mall will not disappoint (and will leave you with enough cash left over to buy that Iphone, iPad or a million other things that you’ve been eyeing for the same price).

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